Monday, March 13, 2017

Mimic Delay for Evan

Hello all,
     Long story short I started collecting comic books again and a friend (old co working for the music store) of mine offered me some Spawn action figures. I said i'd build him a pedal of his choosing for them. He wanted a delay. One of my favorite (might just be my very favorite) builds is the Hamlet Delay but Jon Patton. His use of the charge pump to boost the signal before the chip is genius, It's one of the best sounding PT2399 delays out there, I recommend it to all who haven't built one. This time I used effectslayouts version. I love Jon's layout but i wanted the external tone pot. I also wired the volume as a trimmer and mounted it to the base plate via a piece of vero board and stand offs. I also did a "Slam" mod to it. This is a momentary switch with a 22k resistor soldered to the lugs 2 and 3 of the "Repeats" pot. What this mod does is a ramping oscillation. As long as your foot is depressing the switch it will continue to oscillate. It's a pretty easy / awesome mod. Anyways, here are a few pictures for you. I'll do a demo tonight and post it asap.

Thanks for reading guys!. Hit me up with comments and questions if needed.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

D-Verb rehoused

Hello all,
      Lets start with the easiest. A long time ago I build a mini reverb for my friend Darren (see LINK). He texted me and said that it was acting weird. It turns out that one of the jacks came loose and the threads got stripped. So I grabbed the pedal from him and decided to do a new enclosure for it. The paint was chipping on the old one and it needed a face lift. you'll see all that in the pictures. The circuit is a 1776 Rub-A-Dub reverb. The PCB layout was done by Jon Patton and etched by me. If you are planning to attempt this build BUY MORE THAN ONE ENCLOSURE. I can a;most guarantee you will screw up on the first one (if you're a dummy like me haha!).here are a couple pictures.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Wave Machine #2

Hello All,
      This is the second Wave Machine I have built. Here is the first. The guts on these are the same. The only difference between the two is I used heat shrink tubing on the LED / LDR s that control the Tremolo / Chorus / Vibrato effect. I thought that there wouldn't be a huge difference but there is. There seems to be less bleed of the effect and it seems to be overall prominent. I'll have to open up the other unit and do the same to it, Since it is the same electronically I'll just post some pictures for your eyeball's pleasure!!

Here is what I did with the enclosure. First I acid etched the enclosure with ferric chloride. Second, I painted it with flat black primer. Last, I sanded the areas where i had acid etched the lettering and graphics. This took a while, primer is A LOT thicker than I thought. My goal was to make it look like waves in the ocean had warn down the paint to reveal the lettering. Eh...kind of a failure but it still looks cool.

Thanks for looking guys. I'll try to get a video up soon!


Monday, November 21, 2016

Green fuzz

Hey guys,
     Here is another Hunter Fuzz build I completed. The person I built this for wanted the distressed beat up look so that's what her got. This was just a standard Devi ShoeGazer clone. It's on the PCB that I designed. It came out pretty cool looking. Any ways here are some pictures for you. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Been CRAZY busy!

Hey Everyone,
    Sorry for the long time away. I've had a lot on my plate lately and haven't had time to do any updates. I've finished a couple more PCBs and finally boxed my Twin Peaks tap tempo tremolo build. With that I was also able to flash a few ICs for the TAPLFO controller. They worked well and didn't seem to over load or anything. I have an ass load of TTT boards (tap tempo tremolo) so I'll be able to start using them in finished builds. I've also done another run of the Hunter Fuzz and added a power filter section to the supply voltage. In short...I've been a busy boy!

Now lets get into my current project. A friend of mine (Adam) gave me a bench top CNC Machine. He said it works I just need to get it connected and run it with a PC. The controller is a Keystudio Uno r3 with a CNC Shield controller mounted on to. The CNC shield actually supplies voltage to the motors and drill. The Keystudio is what communicated to the PC and relays the information to the CNC shield. That's as far as I go for now, I need to first reconnect the Motors to the CNC shield and figure out what type of power supply I need for this. He originally had this wired to a different controller and had to cut the connectors off. This isn't a huge deal but i do need to figure out where the plug in on the boards. Time to hit the books / internet. Here are a few pictures of what it currently looks like.

It's going to be a project but I'm sure there is a ton of information on this. It seems like he built it from a kit. I'm sure there is a connection diagram and it should be that hard to figure out. Well thats all for now. 


Thursday, September 15, 2016

2 in 1

  Not what you think. HAHA! I finished 2 pedals in one night! These have been waiting to be boxed for a while. The first is the Wormhole. This is a deadaustronaut Tremshifter. The layout was done by perfboardlayouts. The enclosure was etched by Dan at ADD effects.. It was an enclosure that he wasn't going to have built so I bought it off him. I etched the board and did all the wiring, and boy was there A LOT of wiring.
     The Effect is an optical tremolo with a envelope filter in front of it. There are two rate and depth knobs, one for the tremolo and one for the envelope filter. The output knob is a "master volume" for the effect. You will also notice the 3 switch. They are Shape, Filter, and Tone. The Tone Switch switches caps to brighten or darken your guitar tone. The Filter switch turns the envelope filter on and off, and the shape filter changes the shape of the optical tremolo.
     Over all, this is a very fun pedal. It will certainly make its way onto my board. Here are some pictures. I'll get a video up soon.

Next we have my third prototype of the HUNTER FUZZ! This is a Shoegazer clone that I did the PCB layout for. This one I built for my friend Matt. The left side is the "Torn's Peaker" and the right is the "Soda Meizer". Each has it's own stomp switch and Volume and Texture knob. Not much else to say except beware of nightmares...

I will try to get videos for both of these up soon. Thanks for reading.


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wave Machine

Hello again!
     I finished one of the many projects sitting on my bench. This is a clone of the Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe. This was used most commonly by Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix. This thing is a BEAST. Tons of options and controls. I'll go through them briefly.

This controls the speed of the modulation. There is an internal trim pot that can adjust the max speed and there is also an option to have an external expression pedal jack wired up. I opted to not have this.

This is a 6 position rotary switch. It goes from "classic" to "pulse". There are 3 positions for each mode. They resemble Soft, Medium, and Hard. They also increase with the turn of the switch.

This simply changes from Chorus, Vibrato, and Tremolo

This changes the sweep of the modulation across the sign waves.

I feel this is a little self sets the intensity of the effect.

This sets the output volume of the effect.

This alters the center of the sweep frequency and in tremolo mode sets the depth of the sign wave. It almost acts like a blend knob.

This is a voicing mod. It is a 3 position rotary switch that changes capacitor sets within the effect. This give you the option to have a multitude of tones for each effect.

The PCB was designed by Brenja on the Madbeans forum. He also designed the Mod board. I acid etched and painted the Enclosure and did the artwork too. This pedal is a modulation monster and I plan on holding onto one of the 2 I have built. This was tons of fun and despite its size it was fairly easy. It fired right up and worked the first time.

Any ways here are some pictures. I'll try and get a video up soon. Thanks for reading!