Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A couple of customer builds

Hello All,
    So I have here a couple of builds for people that have emailed me for a special request. The first is an A / B / Y switch. This was done for a forum member by the mane of Space6oy on the ILF forum. He wanted this as an alternative to getting a Morley switch. The reason he didn't want the Morley switch was because it only runs on batteries. So I did a custom dill and art lay out for him and put it together. Here are a couple pictures.

      Next we have an UglyFace. This is actually a GCFX Machete. The Machete was based on the UglyFace which is a IC driven filter fuzz. There were aftermarket mods done to most of these that incorperated an LFO section to make it crazier. I Have never played one before I built this. now I "NEED" one. It's pretty cool, I'll post the video after I upload it. Dan Minner from A.D.D. Effects did the enclosure for the UglyFace. MARVEL at his work!

     Again thanks for reading! Please check out the links on the side for my face book and what not, Thanks again.