Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Welcome to the BROCK!

GET IT! haha! Because Venom's name is Eddie Brock...alright enough comic nerdum.

     Anyways, Here is the Symbiote Fuzz. This is a Fuzz Factory clone that Guitar PCB did. To be totally honest I'm not a huge fan of the layout. The holes for the pot to wire to were too small and close together. This made for lots of off board wiring and cussing. The board is also a bit of a weird size and I had to wedge it in between the switch and the DC jack, Not my favorite but it fit. All in all if I do another one of these I will either use Madbeans Zombi board or design my own. The functionality of the board is exactly the same as a Fuzz Factory and sounds very similar. The controls are as follows:

VOL: Controls the overall volume of the effect

GATE; Squeal control, Think of this as a Noise Gate control

COMP: This kind of compresses the tone. Left for fat right for thin

DRIVE: This is a distortion control. It adds another level of spatter / HATE to the sound.

STAB: This controls the stability of the fuzz. usually pegged and never touched after that.

Many Fuzz fans don't like the Fuzz Factory. This is mainly because the pedal is very squealy if you don't have it set right. I for one like the squealy nightmare like sounds. I will post a video with a few good settings. For now you will just have to enjoy the pictures. Thanks for reading.