Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Just an update

Hello All,
    So I am slowly starting to ease my way back into this. I have some half populated boards on my bench plus a repair for my friend Darren that I am currently working on. I recently came across a deal one of my suppliers was having on enclosures that I jumped on. It was 6 drilled and painted enclosures (blemished) for a very low price. So, I ordered two 6 packs. Here is what I ended up with.

Here is what you are looking at:
Left row (top to bottom)                  Middle row (top to bottom)                         Right row (top to bottom)
125B (silver)                                         1590BB (black)                                            1590B (black)
125B (silver)                                         1590BB (red)                                               125B (white)
125B (blue grey sparkle)                       1590BB (copper)                                          1590BB (white)
1590DD (orange)                                 1590BB (copper)                                           1590BB (green)

This was a fantastic deal! They are all use able except the 2 silver and the 1 white (in the right row) with the large holes in them. I'll have to fill those with some JB Weld. I'll just use them for personal builds that's all. So, all in all, well worth it. I'll definitely jump on this if they offer it again. 

My amazing wife also did something really cool for me. She got me an early Father's Day gift.

It's my first acoustic guitar! I know, after playing for 10 years I still didn't own one. So my wife got me this one. It is an Alvarez AJ60CE. It has Fishman electronics and a built in tuner. I really wanted to be able to play for the baby and she made it happen. I love her, think I'll keep her around for a while ;-). Any ways there is my update. Thanks for reading!