Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Flanel Boost & Botany Boost

     These Two boost pedals are the same electronics. I did these custom for two customers of mine. The Flanel Boost was built for Darren Hawe. He plays guitar in a band called Mask and Raid. The Botany Boost Was Built For Robert Beal. He plays in a band called The Screen.
     The electronics are based on the AMZ Mini Boost. It is a vero layout of the schematic. I used some different components but stuck pretty close to the Schematic. Here are some pictures.

The Schematic:
The Flanel Boost:

The Botany Boost:

I was able to build both boost pedals in a Hammond style 1590A enclosure. This is a challenge do to the sheer size of the enclosure. I hope you enjoyed reading. There will be many more to come!

Here is a Video of the Flanel Boost

New Adventures!

So, If you can see from the other blogs on my page I like to build stuff. I decided to start building fx pedals. It's a hobby, or as i like to call it, a "non-profit organization". I do it for fun and if i break even great!. I've sold a few and done a few mods so far. I chose the name "Custohm Electronics" because I think it's clever. It has to do with resistor values, and these are used in almost all guitar fx. So here I will post all of my build reports, among other things. Thanks for reading!