Thursday, June 16, 2016

Super Busy!!!

Hey All,
    I've been so busy lately. Still building and what not. I had a customer get in touch with me for a pretty complicated built and have had a lot of other things on the docket. I finally finished boxing one of my prototype boards last night. I'm going to test it tonight and make sure it works and fuzzes and works fine. I also have been working on a few projects with Dan Minner at A.D.D Effects and talking about possibly doing a short run of pedals. Pretty exciting stuff. I also populated a bunch of boards for me and my friend Matt. Here are some pictures for you.

Here is a picture of a few of the projects i have going on right now!

These are the enclosures I did for the Prototype fuzzes I did. They came out pretty bad ass!

I scored these aluminum knobs on eBay. 422 of them HOLY CRAP!!!

I'll do a full build report on the Fuzz once I test it and I'm sure it is 100% Thanks for reading.