Thursday, February 16, 2017

D-Verb rehoused

Hello all,
      Lets start with the easiest. A long time ago I build a mini reverb for my friend Darren (see LINK). He texted me and said that it was acting weird. It turns out that one of the jacks came loose and the threads got stripped. So I grabbed the pedal from him and decided to do a new enclosure for it. The paint was chipping on the old one and it needed a face lift. you'll see all that in the pictures. The circuit is a 1776 Rub-A-Dub reverb. The PCB layout was done by Jon Patton and etched by me. If you are planning to attempt this build BUY MORE THAN ONE ENCLOSURE. I can a;most guarantee you will screw up on the first one (if you're a dummy like me haha!).here are a couple pictures.