Thursday, January 21, 2016

What is on the rise...

So moving forward with 2016 I have a TON of projects planned and already in the works. Currently I have 3 pedals I am working on.

-The first is a buffer for Darren Hawe. I've had the circuit done for a while now but I messed up the paint and had to redo the enclosure. It is going to be in a 1590A (super small enclosure) and its has a pretty bad ass image.

-The second is a Voodoo Vibe clone that Dan Minner did the enclosure for. I've run into a couple of speed bumps with this. I ordered the wrong switches, then the switches didn't fit, not i have to off board wire all the pots and switches to get it to fit. It's gonna be a pain but I'm almost done with it and in the end, it will be worth it.

-The third is another collaboration with Dan but this time its a MASSIVE multi effect build! There are a total of 4 circuits in this. It's gonna be pretty epic. We had a email thread of about 100 emails (no word of a lie) and it came to a "post rock wall of noise" type build. I'm super excited about it!

Another Project that I am planning for is my fund raiser. This is going to be a limited build. I plan on building 10 pedals and selling them in order to raise some money to purchase some larger equipment that I need (drill press, powder coating system, and a few other things). I am having my friend Greg Murphy, who is a local artist and tattoo artist, do the Graphic for the pedal. I am going have the image professionally screen printed and then assemble the pedal myself. There are a few more things i need to work out but I am planning on having this done by March-ish.

Thanks for reading the update and be sure to check back in!