Thursday, August 20, 2015

Echo Base This is Star FOX

Hey Guys,
     Here is another one I've been working on for a while now. This is a Echobase. It is a hyper filtered hi res delay pedal. There are 2 toggle switches the one under the "speed" and "depth" turns on the modulation feature. This gives the pedal a "fluid" of chorus effect. The other toggle switch turns on the "tails" feature. This will allow the repeats to finish out even if the pedal it turned off. I did the art layout on this one. I've been going back and forth on it for a while and stuck with the original idea I had. Hope you enjoy it.

Video Coming Soon!


From DOOM to 8-Bit With The Flip Of A Switch

Hello All,
    Here we have the Sonic Nebulizer! This pedal is amazing!!! I mean that too. This is a fuzz that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck the with the flip of a switch and the twist of a knob melt your heart with an 8-bit crusher. All in all this design is very well done. It was easy to populate and the way it is laid out mad it very strait forward. I tip my hat to Frederik at He is the man behind the Flash Filter Fuzz Deluxe (the name of the board) and he deserves all the credit for the sound. I would recommend you swing by his site and check out some of the stuff he comes up with, its very cool.

     As for the enclosure, I can't take credit for that either. This was a collaboration done by me (I assembled the board and but it in the enclosure) and a friend on the madbeans forum, Dminner. Dminner did the layout of the art and acid etched it into the enclosure. All of his work is quite stunning. He contacted me and we decided on this circuit and art layout. So he did two enclosures and sent them to me. I then put them together and sent him one back. It worked out quite nicely and i plane on doing this again with him.

    So now that I bored you with a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, here are some pictures.

Video Coming Soon!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Time to Verb it UP!!!

Hey Everyone,
       I know it's been a while and there are many reasons for that. First is I've been super busy at work and haven't had a ton of time to devote to building. Second is I've had a couple projects on my bench that have been giving me a lot of trouble. Third I tore my left calf muscle a couple weeks ago. The last reason has been tough, physically any ways. Getting up and down the stairs isn't the easiest with this stupid cast on.
     Anyways, here is one of the projects that has been giving me some trouble. Its a Madbeans Moodring. This wonderful circuit is a reverb, using the Acoustitronics Brick, with a PT2399 delay circuit incorporated to add delay in series with the reverb. The Delay portion of this is works with the reverb and blended in after the reverb. The delay "time" is labeled as "Space", If it is turned all the way down then the delay is off. The "Mood" knob controls the tone for the reverb. The "Dwell" knob controls how much reverb is fed into the delay / pregain stage. The "Ring" knob controls how much reverb is mixed with the dry (non affected) signal. Finally the switch labeled "Kill" is a dry kill. This cuts all of the dry signal out of the output. This allows for some really cool ambient sounds.

     This is by far one of the cooler reverbs I've played with. I love the tone and over all ambience of this pedal. I was able to get this in a 1590BB. It took a little fudging but I did it. The board was designed to fit in a 125b. The enclosure is a "mis drilled" powder coated enclosure from Pedal Parts Plus. I admit the In / Out / 9V jacks are a little awkward but I kind of like them like that. The Space Ship you see on the pedal is the Ishimura form the video game series Dead Space. Layout and design of the graphics were done by me. Thanks for reading. More to come soon.