Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Stomptown Tremolo

Hello All,
     Here is, believe it or not, my first tremolo build. This is a Stomptown Lycanthrope board. I received this over a year ago and thought I lost it. Then I opened this enclosure up, for another build, and found this board tapped to the inside of it. So, I built it up and boxed in this blue sparkle enclosure. I must say kudos to Jon @ Stomptown. This board is beautifully laid out and is a very easy to build. It fired right up, no issues or troubleshooting needed. Plus the rate LED flashing when the pedal is on is cool.
     The tremolo its self is super smooth and very musical. The controls are responsive and well laid out. Like most Tremolos this uses an LDR (light dependant resistor). The LDR requires a light source to create the tremolo effect. There is an LED on the other side of the LDR creating that light source. Many people "roll their own" I used a Vactrol on this build. This is a pre-rolled LDR made by Silonex. The part is NSL-7053, these are supposed to be pretty comparable to the Excelitas VTL5C1. I don't have any of the VTL5C1 s to A / B it against but this Trem sounds great.
    I didn't do any art on this build on purpose. I got this enclosure from Pedal Parts Plus as a missdrill. I loved the blue sparkle and didn't want to cover it up. So I used a silver paint pen and just threw the logo on it. Here are a couple pictures. Thanks for reading.


I'll try and do a demo for this soon. Thanks again.