Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Here is a build I've done twice now. One for Mark Mckellar of Age of End and one for a friend in the area. This was a very difficult build. There were a few challenges and snags in the process of it. First was the layout it self. The first 2 I tried didn't work at all. even after hours of debugging. The 3rd worked but was ticking. This is common for this pedal because the "clock" (IC chip) and the BBD (modulation control chip) generate noise that could come through the OP AMP and create a faint ticking. I was able to eradicate the ticking buy using different OP AMPS and shielded wire. The pedal sounds great and is a nice lush, thick chorus. I used the layout from sabrotone and fit it into a 125B enclosure. The art and graphics are my own. Well Hope you like it.

Ampersand #1

Ampersand #2

Here is a demo I put up on YouTube