Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Customer Build in a wihle

     So the other day my buddy Darren Hawe tagged me in a Facebook Post with someone else mentioning that I build pedals. The guy he tagged me with said that he was looking for a fuzz pedal. I LOVE FUZZ!!! I with out a doubt took the build on. After talking to him he mentioned that he played bass and not guitar. I thought "what a wonderful opportunity to build a Madbean Sabertooth" This is a Mastodon clone. I already have the art worked out and I also already etched the board. I also have most of the parts for the build too! Just waiting on Pots from Tayda now. I am VERY excited to do this. Not only will I make a little scratch (not much, I typically don't charge much at all and will give Darren a "finders Fee") but i get to play with water slide decals for the first time. HUGE shout out to Cody (self destroyer on the MB forum) for the water slides!
     Cody's Blog (linked on the right) has been the BIGGEST help to me. It has inspired me to etch my own boards and really clean up my wiring. He was also kind enough to share his 3PDT design with me so I could make those awesome daughter boards myself. If anyone is reading this go to his blog and check out his pedal builds. They are BEAUTIFUL! they them selves are works of art.
     Now time to get busy and build a SABERTOOTH!! I'll be back with the final build report. For now here is the artwork I came up with. Hope you dig it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Phasers Set To Stun!

Hey Guys,
    Is it possible?? I got two put together in a week? I'm on a role. Anyways, This is a MXR Phase 45 clone build. The board is from Madbeans, one of the best sites for all this DIY pedal stuff I do. That's where i get all my ideas and network with a TON of other builds. I digress, The phaser: one of my favorite pedals. Probably #2 on my list, Just under the Delay pedal. This one was designed after the MXR Phase 45 which was used by...just about everyone. It's kind of a subtle Phase shifter but still a great sound for anyone's board. This was an easy build but at the same time Very fun, maybe it's because I knew what the outcome was going to be but still. The enclosure is one of the 12 I got in the batch of pre-drilled. It is a 1590B that was powder coated black. I had to drill the DC jack hole and the LED hole but the rest was already done. The 3PDT Daughter board (a shared project by a members on one of the forums I'm on) was etched by me. I will demo this and post a demo soon. Thanks for reading.

Top                                                                                                  Top


Video Coming Soon!



Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Decided to Re-House the Rebote 2.5

Hey guys,
    So after my last post I was demoing the pedals and found that the Delay was not working. It took three attempts and multiple cuss words but I figured out the wiring was a MESS! I kept breaking wires while attempting to get it in the enclosure. I certainly have learned my lesson about solid core wire, basically DON"T FUCKING USE IT!! I am almost at the point where I need to order more so I will source my wire elsewhere from now on and save this shit for personal builds and freebies. After coming to the above realization I decided I was going to use a different enclosure too. So I cut it out of the worn black one and put it in this copper 1590BB. This is one of the blemished enclosure I posted about a month or two back. The drill pattern is for a Klon Centaur (it was written in sharpie in the enclosure). The pattern had the correct amount of holes need for this delay too (1 switch, 1 footswitch, 2 jacks, 1 dc, and 3 knobs), I drilled the LED hole. So it all worked perfectly, pre-drilled / powder-coated enclosure = great wiring exercise. Thanks for reading.

Here are a couple of the top
(left is with the LED on right is off)

And for course the "centerfold spread" GUTS!!!

Once again thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions or comment.