Friday, February 20, 2015


    So I finally finished the DVerb For Darren. I called it the dverb because its...well for Darren?! Well here is a little info on the curcuit. The schematic is a 1776 effects design. The layout was done by Jon Patton (midwayfair on the MBF). He had also suggested a couple mods to bring the dry signal up a little closer to unity. The 3PDT board I used is one that was designed by Rej at GrindCustoms. I used this because it had the pull down resistors on the board which made it easier to eliminate the popping of the switch when it was pressed. This was a VERY tight fit and it took a lot of measuring and test fitting to get it in to the 1590A. This is the first enclosure etch I have done and I think it came out pretty good. This is also the first reverb pedal I built. Lots of springy cathedral goodness in this singal knob pedal. Well without any more it is!

And yes I HAD to use the BIGGEST FUCKING TRIUMPHANT KNOB I HAD!!!!. Just seemed fitting. Here is a quick video I did too.

Well I hope you enjoyed the show! Thanks for reading.


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