Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Eye Ball Delay

Hello Gang,
       Last night I was able to wrap up yet another build. This one is a Madbeans Cave dweller "dub edition". What the dub edition means is that there are 2 of the PT2399 chips incorporated in this design. This (almost) doubles the available delay time.In this version two controls are combined (dwell and echo) and a "Mix" pot is added for extra texture. There are limitations with any PT2399 delay but this one certainly pushes those boundaries. One of the reasons I like this delay is, It's DARK! It almost resembles an older Boss DM2. Yes, I know, "Mike, no PT delay will ever sound as good as a DM2". Calm down, I said resembles. Anyways, This was Boxed in an enclosure that Dan Minner did for me...He likes eye balls. Which is cool with me, cause I like it weird! HAHA!, Well, here are some pictures. I'll get a video of it up soon. Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

  1. Looks great, as usual Mike! Really clean guts. What layout did you end up using? Have you checked out the King Dubby? Different, but they sound cool together :)