Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Twin Peaks

Hello all,
      Last night I put the finishing touches on a Twin Peaks Tremolo. This was designed by David Rolo. It is a Tap Tempo Tremolo with four different modes, There is a rotary switch to select the desired mode.They are as follows

Normal - Bass and treble are both modulated "in phase"
Harmonic - Bass and treble are modulated "out Phase"
Bass - Bass is modulated with a fixed treble
Treble - Bass is fixed and treble modulates

      There ate also 6 potentiates that help dial in the tone / effect you are looking for. These controls are listed below.

Symmetry - Changes the ratio between the upper and lower wave of the LFO signal. For
example, when using the square wave, you can set whether the “off” or the “on” periods are the

Rate - This is a manual adjust ment as opposed to the tap. you can also use it to "fine tune" the rate of modulation

Depth This sets the how deep the modulation is

Tone - This adjust how much treble or bass is in the effect.

Shape - This is used to select between one of the 8 modulation wave shapes

Multiplier - This is used to select the multiplier that will be applied to the tapped tempo

      So as you can see there are a TON of controls on this thing. It is a super fun pedal to play around with and the possibilities are endless. I did an etched face plate for this. I did use pretty basic art work but it came out pretty good. I didn't get a chance to do a demo for this be fore i shipped it out. Here are a couple pictures though. Thanks for reading.


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